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Who We Are

K.A.D has over 30 years of combined experience in the shipyard industry. Our CEO, David Acosta, owned a shipyard for 22 years. Our President, Blake Acosta, grew up learning all he could from his dad and has worked for over a decade in the industry.


Their knowledge, experience, and understanding of shipyard work gives K.A.D a unique advantage that makes them experts at recruiting top talent.


K.A.D specializes in the Shipyard Sector because of our extensive industry experience, however, we are continually adding to our portfolio.


When you work with K.A.D you will experience exceptional service and attention to detail that you can only find with a local, family-owned company.

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Our portfolio includes, but is not limited to:
  • Steel Structural Welders

  • Steel Structural Fitters

  • Aluminum Structural Welders

  • Aluminum Structural Fitters

  • Combo Structural Welders/Fitters

  • Pipe Welders 6GR

  • Pipe Fitters

  • Tig Welders

  • Outside Machinists

  • Machinists

  • Maintenance Mechanics

  • Tackers

  • Scrap Burners

  • Blaster/Painters

  • Carpenters

  • Electricians

  • Equipment Operators

  • General Laborers

  • Skilled Laborers

  • Riggers

  • Offshore Laborers

  • Offshore Riggers

  • Project Managers

  • Supervisors

  • Formans

  • Leadermans

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