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Outside Machinist

Lockport, LA, USA

About the Role

4+ years


1st Class Outside Machinist is responsible for installing the vessels’ machinery through the use of blueprints and hand tools and knowledgeable of some aspects of air controls and tubing bending.

  • Able to read and interpret standard construction drawings, specifications, and other technical publications.

  • Good working knowledge of system start-up procedures, propulsion system alignment, and machinery plants.

  • Familiar with all aspects of craft-specific marine construction from design through installation and operational testing.

  • Versed in applicable commercial and military specifications and standards.

  • Knowledge of how to use necessary tools and equipment (i.e. calipers, micrometers, heavy jacks, chain falls, torch, etc.)

  • Have some sort of experience or background in welding.

  • Eight years (4) of marine or four (4) years of continuous Company experience preferred.

About the Company

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